Treat yourself to something different this Christmas. The rich, deep, gamey taste of our wild venison goes perfectly with other festive flavours like cinnamon, cloves, port, redcurrant jelly and even chocolate!

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  • Red Deer French Trimmed Rack
    SAVE £10.00

    Red Deer French Trimmed Rack

    Looks stunning, and tastes even better!
    2-3 SERVINGS

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  • Red Deer Loin Fillet
    SAVE £10.00

    Red Deer Loin Fillet

    This elegant cut of venison is quick to cook and looks superb on the plate
  • 2x Roe Deer Loins

    2x Roe Deer Loins

    Lean, tender wild venison with a beautifully mild flavour.
  • Venison Short Saddle
    SAVE £4.00

    Venison Short Saddle

    Tender meat from the fillet and loin
    2-3 SERVINGS

4 Item(s)