Bone in Roasts

Dramatic centrepiece roasts for a 'wow' at the table with superb on-the-bone flavour

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  • Large 5 Bone Rib

    Large 5 Bone Rib

    The banquet roast
    16-18 SERVINGS
  • Small 5 Bone Rib

    Small 5 Bone Rib

    The banquet roast
    12-14 SERVINGS
  • 2x Lamb Racks
    SAVE £11.00

    2x Lamb Racks

    These look spectacular and taste divine
    4-6 SERVINGS
  • Veal 4-Bone Rib

    Veal 4-Bone Rib

    An exquisite, delicately flavoured roast
    6-8 SERVINGS

10 Item(s)

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