Festive Desserts

How do you round of a spectacular festive meal? With an aromatic, luxurious dessert of course! Our traditionally spiced Christmas Pudding, and rich, creamy, trattoria-style Tiramisu are ideal choices. And because they have been hand made for you by professional chefs, they can be served with no real effort on your part.

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  • Mosimann's Christmas Pudding

    Mosimann's Christmas Pudding

    A traditional Christmas pudding with a twist
    4-8 SERVINGS
  • Patisserie Selection
    SAVE £2.00

    Patisserie Selection

    With seven delectable new varieties!
  • 6x Tiramisu
    SAVE £5.00

    6x Tiramisu

    ...like you've never tasted before!

3 Item(s)