Stuffed Roasts

Stuffed Roasts

Premium roasts of lamb, pork and beef with classic stuffings of mint and thyme, black pudding and apple and horseradish, hand tied and ready for your oven. Simply slice and serve.

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  • Duck Three Bird Roast
    SAVE £5.00

    Duck Three Bird Roast

    A stunning centrepiece for your festive table
    7-9 SERVINGS
  • Turkey Three Bird Roast

    Turkey Three Bird Roast

    Is this the ultimate showstopper? We think so!
    12-15 SERVINGS
  • Gourmet Stuffed Roast Selection
    SAVE £9.00

    Gourmet Stuffed Roast Selection

    Premium roasts with complementary stuffings.

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15 Item(s)