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Introducing our charcuterie – a real taste of Italy

Charcuterie Selection

A delicious selection of some of Italy’s finest, and store cupboard ‘secret ingredients’, including wafer thin sliced meats, a unique cheese and much, much more…

Charcuterie Selection Packs Prosciutto Crudo – a delicate, air-dried ham

Aromatic, smoked and cured pork Speck

Traditional Salame Parma

A wedge of truly unique Parmigiano Reggiano

Riso Baldo – a rice favoured by Italians for authentic risottos

A jar of richly flavoured Sugo Classico

These authentic Italian delicacies are from the home region of the finest Parma ham, parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar - Reggio Emilia.

Prepared traditionally, cured and presented by the Ferrarini family - one of Italy’s best known names for cured meats, this fantastic selection is exclusively available to Donald Russell customers in the UK.

Did you know?
These delicacies have been traded across the ages, and were considered as exquisite and very valuable treasures.

Cured Deli Meats

You may already be well-acquainted with cured meats, and even Italian dry-cured meats at that. But please don’t underestimate this selection, made by Ferrarini – one of Italy’s most trusted producers, their cured meats gracing the kitchen tables of many homes, from Milan to Rome.

Prosciutto Crudo

Prosciutto Crudo
Air dried, traditionally dry-cured Italian ham from the Parma region of Italy

Hand prepared by artisans and 10 months matured for a light, floral fragrance

Wafer thin slices, with a melt-in-the-mouth texture and delicate chew

Literally meaning ‘raw or uncooked ham’, this is authentic dry-cured ham, the way the Italians eat it. Made in exactly the same way (and place) as the famous Parma ham, this is produced in Langhirano, reputed to have the most favourable conditions for curing the perfect ham.

Gently air dried on the bone for 10 months in the sea breezes that blow over the Parma countryside, there are only 5 ingredients in transforming the pork leg into something this special: on-the-bone pork, natural sea salt, a traditional curing salt, a paste of pork fat and flour to seal the cut face by hand (this is later trimmed off), and time.

Once the transformation is complete, the result is an age-cured, almost perfumed ham full of delicate, floral aroma – its wafer thin slices melt on the tongue with the scantest of chews.


Speck Delicious slices of 90 day dry-cured and smoked pork leg

Rubbed in traditional curing spices and smoked over hard wood

A rustic speciality of the Italian Tyrolean mountains

A speciality of Alto Adige in the Italian Tyrol since the 13th century, this smoked, dry-cured delicacy is a joy to behold!

Traditionally done as a way of preserving meat through a long winter, the boned leg of the family pig would be rubbed with salt and spices such as pepper, juniper, bay and nutmeg, and hung in the kitchen chimney over the wood fire to smoke. The cured meat is air dried for several months before being reaching its true potential – a glorious, cold-smoked and thinly sliced ham full of warm aroma.

Like the German Black Forest Ham, this sliced Speck is fantastic enjoyed on its own, as part of a larger tasting plate, or simply generously draped over some good quality Italian bread, like ciabatta or focaccia.

Salame Parma

Salame Parma
Traditionally fermented and dry-aged Italian-style pork salami

The classic recipe of the countryside around Parma, known for its cured charcuterie meats

Deliciously punchy, with garlic and spices

A flavoursome and supple Italian Salame, flecked with white fat which melts on your tongue, releasing even more flavour.

Salamis have been a part of Italian food culture for, well, forever, and this one certainly does not disappoint. Made to a time-honoured Parma salami recipe, the pork is cured with a tasty savoury mix of salt, sugar, garlic and spices. As it cures and matures, natural fermentation takes place within the salami, leaving that signature kick of flavour and acidity which leaves you reaching for another slice!

Closely monitored throughout its 8 weeks curing time, when ready, the natural mould on the salami casing is gently washed off, leaving a rustic salami, ready to be sliced at home. Slice it on the oblique for a traditional taste of Italy!

Did you know?
These are seriously old food traditions, prized for centuries. The history of prosciutto crudo in the Parma area dates back to Roman times.

Parmigiano Reggiano

A traditional hard cow’s milk cheese from the Parma valleys

Made to a natural, artisanal method, using just 3 essential ingredients

Exclusively made using the milk from the Ferrarini family’s own herd of cows

Full of wonderful, complex, savoury flavours - perfect to enjoy on its own or in a cheese board

A creamier, sweeter parmesan, unique in all of Italy

Parmigiano Reggiano Most Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is made solely with milk from Friesian cows – Ferrarini’s is truly exceptional, as they also add rich, creamy Jersey milk. Unique in all of Italy, this is a noticeably creamier, smoother parmesan, sweet and full of complex aromas.

Aged for 16-18 months, each cheese is fire-branded by the special parmesan consortium to guarantee its provenance. An expert armed with just a small hammer tests each one for quality, by touch and sound, as only perfect, flawless wheels can be sold as Parmigiano Reggiano.

Parmesan Store These are then divided into convenient wedges that we bring to you, from Ferrarini’s own dairy. Fruity and buttery at the same time (and very moreish!), this unique cheese simply must be tasted to be appreciated!

Much too nice to grate away over pasta (although of course it will enhance your meal no end!), we urge you to treat this as you would a superior, hand made, extra matured farmhouse cheddar. Try this the traditional way, as they do in Reggio Emilia – just prise off crumbly chunks and let them fill your mouth with sweet, rich, umami flavours…

Did you know?
The first Parmigiano Reggiano is accredited to monks in the small settlement of Bibbiano, in the 11th century, and has been valued for its flavour ever since. In fact,Samuel Pepys, famous diarist of the 17th century, buried his ‘Parmazan cheese’ in the garden, to save it from the Great Fire of London.

Store cupboard 'secret ingredients'

How do you cook like a real Italian? By using the same key ingredients they do! The secret’s in the subtle details of taste and texture that these true Italian store cupboard essentials offer. Use them in your home cooking, to give your risotto or other dishes an effortlessly authentic taste of Italy.

Riso Baldo

Prosciutto Crudo A variety of risotto rice that’s rare outside of the Mediterranean

Grown in Vercelli, Northern Italy, on a traditional, family-owned farm

Stone-milled by hand to produce the perfect, pearly, pan-ready rice

Small ‘superfino’ grains that cook quickly and absorb flavours well

Favoured by Italians for its ability to stay ‘al dente’ in creamy risottos

The easy way to give your homemade risotto an authentic Italian twist

A relative of the more common Arborio risotto rice, the Baldo variety has won many fans in Italy since it first gained popularity in the 1960s. As a ‘superfino’ grading of rice, it has small grains that cook quickly – convenient for the home cook. Favoured for its compact structure and ability to absorb flavours, Riso Baldo allows the chef to cook up a creamy risotto while keeping a good separation of grain and the characteristic ‘al dente’ level of firmness desired in Italian food culture. (Riso Baldo literally means ‘bold rice’ – an indication of its ability to hold its shape and identity in the finished dish.) Because of this combination of qualities, Baldo is a versatile rice for other dishes too, including timbale, soups and paellas.

Sugo Classico

Sugo Classico A really rich paste of sun-ripened tomatoes and a few carefully selected ingredients

Made with Genoese basil P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) and finest extra virgin olive oil

So versatile – stir instant depth into your cooking, or enjoy with charcuterie and cheeses

Ready to use straight from the jar

Sugo simply means ‘sauce’, and this rich sugo al pomadoro really is the classic foundation to so much definitive Italian cuisine! Composed of little more than tomatoes, olive oil and basil, the quality of each ingredient is vital. You can taste the rich umami of tomatoes ripened in the sun. The fresh, fruity acidic tang comes from the extra virgin olive oil. And the soft, aromatic vitality of uplifting fresh Genoese basil melds the whole thing into something really special.

What will you do with this rich paste packed with flavour? You could use it for almost anything! Stir it through plain cooked pasta as you might a pesto; use it as the base for a rich tomato ragù or homemade Bolognese; or add a spoonful of extraordinary depth to all manner of soups and stews. It’s also fabulous as an accent condiment to enjoy on sandwiches, with cold meats and charcuterie, or like you would a chutney with cheese. Simplest of all, just dip some rustic bread in and enjoy…

Did you know?
Since it was originally cultivated as a distinct rice variety in 1964, Baldo has gradually displaced Arborio in Italy’s restaurants due to its fantastic cooking qualities. It has also become incredibly popular in Turkish cuisine, due to its ability to absorb the flavour of the spices it is cooked with.

A taste of tradition

These wonderful, traditional delicacies are hand made by artisans, continuing the long Italian tradition for simple foods of exceptional quality. They are produced by the Ferrarini family – known for producing the very best.

This delicious selection of deli classics is exclusively available to Donald Russell customers, as we are the only retailer in the UK working in partnership with Ferrarini – when we tried their products in Italy, we were blown away. We knew we had found something exceptional and just had to bring them to you to taste for yourself! These products are possibly the most exclusive thing Donald Russell have ever offered, as they are extremely limited availability and should not be missed!

Who are Ferrarini?

Prosciutto CrudoIt was in 1956 that Lauro Ferrarini, then head of the family, first started the Ferrarini family business with the production of artisan cured hams. The business is still owned and run by the Ferrarini family today, from the historic villa which has always been home to both the company, and to Lauro’s descendants.

Respected amongst salumieri (Italian charcuterie makers), and with their long-established record in producing only the best, Ferrarini is the trusted name many Italians turn to for the finest charcuterie, cheese and more.

A Rich Heritage

Ferrarini LandscapeSet in the beautiful rolling farmland of Reggio Emilia, Ferrarini products epitomise the rich gastronomic heritage of this part of northern Italy. For centuries this area has been renowned worldwide for such delicacies as Parma ham, parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar – some of the finest pleasures of Italy!

Ferrarini use artisanal production methods which have changed little in centuries. Their expert craftsmen have years of experience, judging these traditional specialities by sight, touch, aroma and taste. Many of their products bear IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) or DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) status, and are strictly governed by independent federations to ensure provenance and absolute quality.

Ferrarini and Donald Russell

Carving HamDonald Russell and Ferrarini make obvious partners – the two companies share many synergies, not least our passion for quality.

Donald Russell has always believed that the finest natural produce deserves patience and skill. Ferrarini stands for the very same, farming their own vineyards and dairy cattle; marrying agricultural knowhow with hands-on, artisanal expertise to produce the highest quality traditional products with the best natural flavour. This can be experienced in every deli-style portion of (‘un etto di’) their sliced meats and other classic Italian delicacies