Speciality Steaks

Chefs' choice steak cuts, like you'd find in a fashionable gourmet steakhouse. Totally different from the prime steak cuts, these offer a plethora of exciting new steak experiences. Fantastic value for your steak dinner, these unusual cuts are perfect for true carnivores who like their steak rare!

• For years our butchers hand cut these exclusively for chefs - you might have seen them on the menu of your favourite steakhouse
• Cut from well-worked or hidden muscles, these are packed with intense flavour and have a definite 'bite'
• A lot more affordable than the prime steak cuts you might be used to
• Enjoy a big steak flavour without spending much – perfect for a weeknight!
The ideal choice for steak-lovers who like their meat rare!
• There's a knack to cooking them - follow our chef's simple steps here
• To learn more about the butchery and cooking of these steaks, watch our videos here

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  • Flat iron steak on chopping board
    SAVE UP TO £3.00

    Flat Iron Steaks

    A rewarding steak perfect for any night of the week
  • Speciality Steak Selection

    Speciality Steak Selection

    Fantastic flavour is our speciality!
  • Picanha steak on chopping board
    SAVE UP TO £5.50

    Picanha Steaks

    A lean ‘Brazilian bombshell’ with a big, beefy flavour
  • Chuck eye steak on chopping board
    SAVE UP TO £7.00

    Chuck Eye Steaks

    A ribeye steak’s slightly humble, more affordable cousin!
  • Onglet steak on chopping board
    SAVE UP TO £3.00

    Onglet Steaks

    This steak is a butcher’s best kept secret!
  • Bavette steak on chopping board

    Bavette Steak

    A little-known bistro steak with a robust, beefy flavour
  • Skirt steak on chopping board
    SAVE UP TO £3.00

    Skirt Steak

    A thin steak that offers a big, broad flavour

7 Item(s)