Beef Casserole Cuts

Slow cooked beef stews made with premium dry aged beef deliver on the flavour and satisfaction scale as well as the economical one. Our casserole cuts offer fantastic value for money, but their taste and quality equal to our top steak cuts.

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  • Beef Rib Trim

    Beef Rib Trim

    The heavy marbling makes this the ultimate cut for richly flavoured stews.
  • Beef Olives
    SAVE UP TO £5.00

    Beef Olives

    A traditional Scottish dish with a Donald Russell twist
  • Centre Cut Beef Shin
    SAVE UP TO £3.00

    Centre Cut Beef Shin

    With bone and marrow for rich, deep flavour
  • Oxtail


    Create the wonderfully comforting dishes of days gone by, with this old-fashioned favourite.
  • Diced Beef Steak, 220g

    Diced Beef Steak, 220g

    Offcuts from our top quality steak, diced
  • Braising Steak
    SAVE UP TO £10.00

    Braising Steak

    Excellent value for money

13 Item(s)