Aromatic-seared steak

by Matthias Schmitt

Infuse your steak with mouth-watering aromas as it cooks!


Steaks or chops of your choice
Aromatics of your choice:
Sprigs rosemary
Sprigs thyme
Bulb of garlic, sliced into halves
Orange, lemon or lime, cut into halves, or just the peeled zest from the fruit
Fresh chilli pepper, cut in half lengthways

Aromatic-seared steak


Sear your steak with whichever combination of aromatic you choose alongside the meat in the pan or on the grill. Cook the steak as you would normally, letting the aromatics make contact with them as you turn the meat – the aromatics should impart a subtle echo of their flavour into the meat as it cooks. You can sit the aromatics on, below or around the meat as it rests too.

Chef’s Tip:
This approach works particularly well with Picanha Steak, as the punchy aromatics complement the robust depth of flavour from this rump cut. Remember to cook it to rare or medium-rare only, and slice it thinly across the grain after resting.

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Aromatic-seared steak
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